There are places that inspire us and make us who we are, places both close to home and far away . . . where is your place of inspiration?

The choice to fulfill and honor your loved one's wishes by scattering their ashes is made out of love. Scattering a loved one's ashes is an ancient custom that individuals choose for reasons that are special to them. The scattering site might be a place of recreation, like a golf course, hiking trail, fishing hole, forest, or mountain. There is no limit when it comes to scattering cremation ashes.
Scattering ashes is an ecologically sound and affordable celebration and tribute of your loved one's life. Many people choose cremation and scattering because they seek a simple, dignified and affordable final service.
We will do everything possible to accommodate your request. Cremains are sterile and pose no health risk.  Scattering cremains over some areas that had significance to the deceased appeals to many and is legal in most jurisdictions.

                                                "Going to the woods is going home."
John Muir